Top 5 Android Travel Apps

With the advancement of technology now available to us in the palm of our hands, we can plan our vacation in the comfort of our own homes and make spontaneous changes with the simple touch of a screen.

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In this day and age, we no longer rely on almanacs and suggestions from friends and family when it comes to traveling. With the advancement of technology now available to us in the palm of our hands, we can plan our vacation in the comfort of our own homes and make spontaneous changes with the simple touch of a screen. The following are the Top 5 Android Apps for Travel.


To avoid the shuffle of papers and stress of frantically running around to find each piece of your travel plans, simply send it all to TripIt ahead of time and they will create an organized itinerary to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. While on your trip if you decide to change plans, that's no problem: simply use the app on your Android to edit that section of your trip. TripIt also allows you to share your itinerary with friends, family, and travel companions.


Welcome to the future. With Wikitude, by using your camera, just hold your phone up to your surroundings and get exposed to a whole new world. Using what they call an "Augmented Reality" you are allowed to see event announcements, restaurant reviews, Wikipedia articles, and a multitude of other helpful items that will help you acquaint yourself with the area. Easily accessible in their Augmented Reality view or as a list, and enhanced with a search option to narrow down your search for that perfect destination or activity, this is a must have app for travelers who want to be spontaneous but don't like being let down by superficial appeal that rarely pays off. Be informed before you take a chance.

Taxi Magic

No more waiting in the rain, trying desperately to hail a cab in an unfamiliar location. Taxi Magic is your guaranteed taxi cab service. Offering services that range from finding a taxi close to you, booking a taxi on your Android, or tracking your taxi so you know when to come outside on a cold evening, Taxi Magic is constantly proving itself to be a necessity for travelers who prefer not to rent an automobile while on vacation. Don't have cash with you? Well, that's not a problem. Use Taxi Magic to charge your ride to your credit card, which helps reduce the chances of losing your credit card on your trip. On a business trip? Use the convenient e-receipt option to expense your taxi ride. Taxi Magic will help your trip be as efficient as possible instead of wasting time trying to locate a taxi.

Poynt: Poynt App

If you find yourself in your hotel with a sudden urge to do go to a movie, or reserve a spot at your favorite restaurant in the town you've traveled to, Poynt can help you do that. Easy to use search functions, a user friendly tiled dashboard, and one click connection to contact the businesses you're looking for make this app a best friend for travelers who leave their travel options wide open instead of following a step by step itinerary. The gas feature also allows travelers to locate the nearest gas station no matter what part of town they're in, avoiding the embarrassment of having to ask strangers where they are or worse, pushing the car through an intersection. Never be left high and dry again.


Whether it's the beginning of your trip or the end, catching your flight is essential to successful traveling. Weather patterns or mechanical problems are just a few reasons your flight can be delayed, but in times past there was no way to predict these types of inconveniences. Thanks to FlightView you can track your flight and get instant updates to any delays or changes to it. Access to a national airport delay map with weather will let you know what to expect for your flight, and flights of others joining you on your travels.


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