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How to Visit Disney World on a Budget
Walt Disney World can be one of the most memorable family trips you can go on. There is so much to do in the parks, even if you just restrict yourself to the Magic Kingdom. While not everything in the park costs additional money, the price of tickets, souvenirs and food can quickly add up.
20 Free Things to Do in Chicago
The city of Chicago is known for its impressive cityscape, delicious food and friendly locals. Chicago also boasts a variety of free attractions and activities to enjoy. Many of the city’s finest attractions are always free to enter or offer free admission on certain days. Here are 20 of the best free attractions in Chicago.
The 10 Wildest Rides in America
The United States of America has no shortage of wild rides for thrill-seekers to choose from. From extreme zip lines to super-fast and hair-raising roller coasters, exciting rides are offered from coast to coast.
Best Hiking Locations In Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is full of rolling hills, mountains and wooded areas that are perfect for hiking. Scenic destinations will take your breath away, but they also provide a physical challenge for those who love to hike.
Uniquely American Hotels
A good hotel has everything that its guests need to have a pleasant stay there and then some. But many hotels are not just great; they are unusual, some because of their locations, others because of some outstanding feature.
Top 5 Things We Love (and Hate) About Clearwater
Clearwater is much more than a tourist destination with beautiful white sandy beaches, awesome nightlife and wide range of eating establishments; it is also a great place to live, whether you are empty nesters or raising a family.
The Oddest Sites in South Carolina
South Carolina is a southern state rich in history and beautiful scenic views. But the state is also home to some unusual attractions, odd natural wonders and quirky characters.
Hidden Gems of Los Angeles
Los Angeles is known for its beautiful beaches, exciting attractions and world-class restaurants. Many people may not know about the other hidden gems within this marvelous city. Here are 10 of the best lesser-known places in Los Angeles.
Top 5 Android Travel Apps
With the advancement of technology now available to us in the palm of our hands, we can plan our vacation in the comfort of our own homes and make spontaneous changes with the simple touch of a screen.
Guide to Airport Security
Without a doubt, airport security tops the list of passenger complaints. It's hard to know who will enter the terminal on time and unscathed and who will be subjected to a full body search. So what exactly can people do to ease their passage through the security checkpoint?
5 National Parks to Visit this Spring
Aside from being beautiful and good for your possibly-soot-caked lungs, national parks offer other bonuses as well: they’re inexpensive to enter, many offering camping opportunities, and they’re pet friendly.
Road Trips: The Art of Going Everywhere Without Needing to BE Anywhere
With the invention and mass production of global positioning devices, it’s very likely that you haven’t been truly lost in a very long time. And that, my friends, is a shame.
Four Reasons You Should Replace Your Vacation With a Staycation
Whether you've got two weeks’ worth of vacation coming to you or just a long weekend on the horizon, the burning question in the back of your mind is usually something along the lines of “Where should I go?”
Cost Saving Alternatives to Hotels
One of the largest expenses while travelling is hotels. There are alternatives available that can save you a lot of money without giving up much convenience. Here is a list of resources that can save you money on your next trip, literally while you sleep.
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