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About Millennium Park

Its construction was planned October 1997 and the construction started October 1998. It was July 2004 when it was ceremonially opened to the public. The Millennium Park is open to all guests without admission fee. It has a showcase of public art. Some of the great attractions in the park are the Lurie Garden, Crown Fountain, Cloud Gate and Jay Ritzker Pavilion.

201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL, 60601
S-W,F-Sa : 7 am - 12 am


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Millennium Park Reviews

Jeremy Zongker
Check out the Bean
It's a classic Chicago landmark and a great place to take photos. The fountains with TV screens are also pretty neat.
John Lee
Lovely Park, in summer or winter
You've all seen it in the movies (Inception). Definitely a place to check out if you're ever in Chicago. Don't forget to pick up a classic Chi-town hot dog!
David Kauffman
Not just for the sighseeing
While Millennium Park is best known for it's fountains, the giant bean, and free ice skating in the winter, I love it most for the concerts! They have a ton of free concerts in the amphitheater, so definitely check it out and see if you can catch one during the summer!
Holly Oberle
Great place to spend a spring or summer afternoon
Located in the heart of the city, Millennium Park is full of nice little places simply to relax, people watch, get a drink or a small bite to eat, wander around and enjoy the gardens.
Taylor Kubas
Very Fun
I loved going there a few years ago. I saw the giant silver thing. It perfect for taking pictures. I also want to mention all the cool waterfalls they have. On the day I went it was really hot so it was refreshing to be able to run through.
SisterDolores Lytle
Park of Many Faces!
Some faces are yours looking back at you from the Cloud Gate sculpture. Some faces on the Crown Fountain spit a stream of water at you on a very hot day. In the Lurie Garden it is the face of spring, still hidden in many neighborhoods, that you will see in the flowers and scrubs. The faces of the musicians in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion are captured by a sound system better than the one in your living room. The Harris Theater, great in inclement weather, shares the faces of a diversity of actors. Put your face into this collage.


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