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About Miami Culinary Tours

Miami Culinary Tours offers a delicious experience in Miami, a city full of culture, enticing food, a compelling history, and eclectic people. Performing a diverse range of food tours located in several centralized areas of the city, Miami Culinary Tours provides the opportunity to leave Miami with a new understanding and appreciation of what the city has to offer. Throughout any of the foodie tours, you will learn about how the city evolved into the what it is today while appreciating the food, drinks, and art that has become unique to this part of the world. 

The South Beach Food Tour focuses on the Art Deco Historic District, teaching visitors and locals about the conservation of Art Deco not only in Miami Beach but in the rest of the United States.  You will get to taste some of the best of Miami Beach’s global cuisine with its predominate Latin, European, and American “comfort food” cuisine, uncovering the hidden hotspots for crunchy patacones, authentic empanadas, home made Cuban dishes, Refajo drink and much more. 

The Wynwood Food Tour focuses more on the up-and-coming area quickly becoming popular for its street art. By exploring one of the trendiest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Miami, you will get to experience Miami like a true local as you sample different gourmet food done by top chefs and talented kitchens. You will discover  massive and enchanting murals while learning about prominent art found in the area. 

The Little Havana Food Tour gives you the opportunity to learn about rustic cuisine through a guided edible journey at one of Miami's oldest neighborhoods. This food tour is both a cultural and a culinary experience, as you will get to visit family-owned restaurants, and get the story behind the food while you taste the best Cuban cuisine the area has to offer.

Although Miami Culinary Tours is a company based on providing different samples of food in areas of the city, it offers more than that. Walking away from your tour, you will leave with a new sense of appreciation of the city that you did not have before. You will be more versed in the history of the area, know more about how the diverse cultures helped the city into what it is today, and understand why there is no other place in the world like Miami. 

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1000 5th Street, Suite 200,Miami Beach, Miami, Miami, 33139
Everyday : 1 am - 1 am


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